@rudiferr - rudy, rudi, mr. t

teacher, esports coach, photographer... i'm doing quite a bit

Guy with a lot of professional responsibilities, hobbies, irl and online identifiers ... but always needs some caffeinated beverage in the morning.

After graduating from The College of New Jersey and doing a brief stint at Ridgewood High School, I'm currently a teacher at Westwood Regional High School where my students know me as "Mr. T." I currently teach the Principles of & Reverse Engineering electives as well as the Architecture & Industrial Design electives. I also advise the Interscholastic STEM League and Robotics Clubs. I also am a Math Teacher at MEK Review, being a part of an amazing team since 2018.

Along with being an educator at WWHS, I am a co-coach the Cardinals Esports Program. Part of my responsibilities include overseeing the talent development of our players, conducting strategic analysis and review of our team's matches, and fostering a team culture of camaraderie in and out of the server. I also manage our social media channels and produce our content strategies to publicize the achievements of our interscholastic esports athletes.